CASS Charity Dinner 2017
Raising Funds To Build Its Second Residential Aged Care Facility

CASS Charity Dinner was held on 19 August 2017 at the Eight Restaurant to raise funds to build its second Residential Aged Care Facility. The event ‘Bravo! Healthy Eating, Fun Cooking Competition’ was also held during the Dinner. The evening was graced by the presence of many dignitaries. Guests included: Minister for Urban Infrastructure Hon. Paul Fletcher MP; Deputy Consul General of the PRC in Sydney Mr. Tong Xuejun, Consul Sun Yantao, Director of Guangzhou Chinese Affairs Office Mr. Feng Guangjun and the Deputy Division Chief Mr. Ouyang Fu; Federal MP of Opposition Ms. Anne Stanley, former Attorney General Hon. Philip Ruddock together with Mrs. Ruddock; and many community representatives including Chairperson of the Australian Council of Chinese Organisations (AUSCOCO) Mr. Tony Goh; President of CanRevive Inc. Mr. Eric Yeung; President of Chinese Youth League of Australia (CYL) Mr. Ching Tan; Representative of the Australian Chinese Culture Museum Mr. Dor Lun Hui; President of the Australian Chinese Restauranteur Association Mr. Aaron Mi; President of Sydney Dimsum Chefs Association Mr. David Zhang; Chairman of the Zilver Restaurant Group Mr. Henry Tang; Chairperson of B1 Developer Group Ms. Anne Bi; President of Australia Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association Inc. Mr. Jason Shi; President of the Australia Foshan Association Ms. Belinda Lee; President of Wuxi Chamber of Commerce Ms. Xiaoping Yang, representative from the culinary field Mrs. May Lee and representatives from the Australian Yau Kung Mun Association. Representatives from the CASS Board of Directors and Elders included Dr. Bo Zhou, Mr. Henry Pan, Dr. Leng Tan, Mr. Tony Pang, Mr. Sean Zhang, Mr. Tao Bai, Ms. Louise Wu, Mr. Hartono Arifin, Mr. George Poon, Mrs. Teresa Chu, Mr. Barry Guan, Mr. William Chen and Mr. Colin Chen. The charity event was also attended by representatives from sponsor Ettason Pty Ltd. Mr. G.X. Lam, and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kong.

In his welcoming speech, the Chairperson of CASS, Dr. Bo Zhou said, “It is no doubt a reality that the ageing population in Australia is growing. For elderly Chinese migrants who face language and cultural issues, finding a suitable aged care facility that meets their needs is becoming a difficult and often impossible task. CASS has always understood the need and began to build its first Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) in Campsie five years ago. With the generous support of the community, building works progressed smoothly and the Facility was completed and began operation in early 2015. Since its operation two and a half years ago, we have received positive feedback from government authorities and our service users. The quality service provided by our Facility is widely acknowledged and there is a long queue on our waiting list. To satisfy the growing demand, CASS has decided to build the second Residential Aged Care Facility.”


He then announced, “After careful thoughts and meticulous planning, we have already secured a number of adjoining properties in the suburb of Asquith north of Sydney. The area is peaceful and quiet with beautiful surrounds. With loans from the bank, CASS managed to purchase the properties, and is busily planning the building works. The proposed RACF will have no less than a hundred single rooms with ensuite. For this reason, we need to raise a large amount of funds in order to make the project possible.” Dr. Zhou also thanked the sponsors for the Charity Dinner. They include Ettason Pty Ltd., Westpac Healthcare, Privity Legal, Austcover, and AJS Computing Services.


In the respective speeches presented by the Minister for Urban Infrastructure Hon. Paul Fletcher MP, the Deputy Consul-General of the PRC in Sydney Mr. Tong Xuejun, and Ms. Anne Stanley MP, they all acknowledged the contribution made by CASS to the community over the years, and congratulated the organisation on building its second Residential Aged Care Facility.


The evening was opened by a spectacular lion dance performed by the Australian Yau Kung Mun Association, and followed by the intense competition among the finalists in the ‘Bravo! Healthy Eating, Fun Cooking Competition’, all eager to show off their culinary skills.

The Dinner was also interweaved by a series of auctions. Participants were eager to support the charity event and showed generosity in their bidding. The CASS Indonesian Activity Group members were particularly enthusiastic. They were successful in winning the auction of a piece of Suzhou embroidery donated by the Chinese Consulate General of the PRC in Sydney with $3,000. However, they donated the item for auction again, together with an additional donation of $2,000. The item was later auctioned to another participant for $3,200. There was a surprise item added to the auction: a scroll of calligraphy painting of the ‘Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya Sūtra’ (Heart Sutra) which was eventually sold to a keen bidder for $4,200. Apart from the auction, a lot of participants were also generous in their donations, including the Foundation Chairperson of the Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association (ACETCA) Dr. Gary Lam.


The evening reached its climax when winners of the cooking competition was announced. The winner was Dehua Qian, with Xuezhong Qiu as runner-up and Xiaoyong Cao as second runner up while Yanmei Huang received commendation. For the Torto Dessert Creation Competition, Lily Tsong was the winner, and commendation went to Zhu Fan Liu, Lynne Xu and Kuinian Jin.


The finale of the charity event was the lucky draw, with prizes donated by businesses. Participants were thrilled when they all received gift packs donated by the businesses. It was certainly a night filled with fun and excitement!


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