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CASS Released New Book Shedding Light on Migrants’ Lives

Australia has a long history of multiculturalism and cultural diversity. The Chinese Australian Services Society, commonly known in the community by its brand name “CASS”, published a book “At Home On New Land – A collection of migrants’ stories”. The Book was launched on 29 June 2018 at the Lecture Theatre of Navitas English in Sydney.


There were about 70 people attending the launch, including the Chairperson of Multicultural NSW, Dr Hari Harinath, representing the NSW Minister for Multiculturalism, the Hon Ray Williams MP; Ms Jodi McKay, State Member for Strathfield; Ms Amy Xu, representing the Hon David Coleman MP, Member for Banks; the Hon Mr Philip Ruddock, Mayor of Hornsby Shire Council; and Councillor Heather Crichton, representing Mr John Faker, Mayor of Burwood Council. A number of CASS Board members were around to help hosting the occasion, including Dr Zhou, Mr Henry Pan OAM, Mr Anthony Pang, Mr Tao Bai and Mr Colin Chen.


Dr Bo Zhou, CASS Chairperson, says, “The Book contains 40 articles in English translated from respective Chinese articles CASS published over the past 8 years in the local Chinese media, presenting life stories about Chinese migrants settling and adapting into their new life in Australia, reflecting the joys and struggles they experienced.”

“The Book records the personal experiences and themes that are otherwise difficult for outsiders to imagine – leaving loved ones, mastering a new language, culture shock and intergenerational conflicts. It is not easy to juggle responsibilities when a person or even a family is uprooted.”


Dr Zhou and people in CASS believe that the sharing of these life stories with people of other communities will foster mutual understanding and acceptance amongst people of different backgrounds in our society, promoting community harmony and social cohesion.


Dr Zhou says, “The migrants make sincere efforts in serving others and blending into Australian culture despite adversity in adjusting to a new life, and CASS strives to make their lives easier in the process of integration.”


CASS is a long-standing community organisation providing a comprehensive range of social services and activities for people residing in Metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong. Services include residential aged care, home ageing, child care, disability, settlement and health, and many other services. Every week, over 2,600 families access services and activities provided by CASS, and it is also one of the few culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) organisations often making submissions to government inquiries on various welfare issues.


The Book is published with financial assistance from the Multicultural NSW, Westpac and other advertisers. Copies of the new Book will be distributed to libraries throughout the country. Enquiries about purchase of the book or services provided by CASS can be directed to the Reception of CASS on (02) 9789 4587 ext. 2, or emailing info@casscare.org.au.


Media enquiries are to be directed to Ms Maria Cheng, Chief Operations Manager, on 0406 535 308.


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