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Dr Leng Tan - Our Community Hero


















Dr Leng Tan, our CASS Emeritus Chairperson, has won the 2019 Women of the Year Community Hero Award. The winners of the Awards were chosen by the public and were announced at the Awards ceremony held on Thursday 7 March at ICC Sydney in the morning.

The NSW Women of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, communities and society. The 2019 NSW Women of the Year Awards, sponsored by First State Super, was presented at a ceremony in Sydney on the eve of International Women’s Day, Thursday 7 March. Over 400 guests attended the ceremony which was presided by MC Natarsha Belling.


Dr. Leng Tan was one of the founding directors on the CASS Board and a general practitioner. The honour is not just for her but for all people of the Asian community to be recognised for their contribution to the Australian community!


For more information, please visit the official website:

What is the cost under new service model?

For instance, one of our childcare centres opens from 7am to 6pm, amounting to 11 hours of opening hours in total per day. If you request 9 hours of childcare service during standard service hour on any certain day, say between 8:30am to 5:30pm, you will be charged for 9 hours of service, instead of 11 hours for the entire day. Extra cost may incurred only when service is requested before 8:30am or after 5:30pm.

For families enjoying only 12 hours of child care benefit per week, we offer a 6-hour session of care. When you are in urgent needs for casual care for your child, feel free to contact our centres to check availability.


Innovative Service Model by CASS Childcare Centres


A new service model is launched since July 2018 in all three childcare centres under CASS, to better meet the demands from the community and to offer parents the opportunity to choose the most suitable child care sessions based on their needs. Comparing to the normal model under which a full-day fee is charged, you are now provided with more flexible options at more affordable costs.


CASS Childcare Centres

We are founded in 1985 and have three centres located in Campsie, Hurstville and St. Leonards to provide long day care services for children from birth to 5 years old, while also providing Outside School Hours Care Service for children aged 5 to 12.

We have a professional team of loyal educators with extensive experience in delivering systematic early childhood education through fun and educational programs. Our facilities are well maintained, and recently updated with smartboards as well as digital teaching tools and materials in each centre to integrate modern technology into early childhood education. Parents of the Gumnut Early Learning Center comment in their complement letter: "The place seems to fun, and learn kinda place exactly what we always wanted it to be."


In each centre, community excursion are frequently organised to help children explore the community and learn life skills through playful activities. Parents from Campsie Child Care Centre said: 「I’m amazed when my child told me that she was taken to the supermarket, post office, police station or even aged care facility, and she was so happy and proud of the gift she was given. 」

Come to CASS Child Care Centres and experience the services you’ve been looking for. For enquiry, please contact us on (02) 9789 4587 or visit our website

Open Day at Gumnut at Forum Early Learning Centre


For many parents, opportunities to take a tour around a child care centre are scarce but much needed. It provides great help for parents with choosing a suitable centre for their preschool children, and after enrolment, gain further understanding of the learning environment.



























Indoor and outdoor facilities in Gumnut at Forum Early Learning Centre operating under CASS



Operating under CASS and located in St Leonards, Gumnut at Forum Early Learning Centre responded to parents’ needs by holding an Open Day on the 1st of December.


















Visiting parent playing with her kid during Open Day



Our colleagues arrived early to the centre to prepare morning tea and greet visitors.


















Morning tea prepared by colleagues



Our friendly colleagues showed parents around the outdoor space and the classrooms (classified according to different age groups), while explaining children’s daily play activities and curriculum design.



















Centre’s set-up for children’s daily learning and play activities



During the visit, parents learnt that educators’ work has already begun way before children arrived at the centre. They set up teaching tools including stationery, toys, equipment, table and chairs, etc. according to the curriculum. This way, the centre is ready for children to engage in free play, as well as learning relevant knowledge and skills under the educators’ guidance.




















Parents and children were having a look around in different areas on Open Day



The newly purchased interactive board has drawn attention from both the children and parents. The curious parents tapped on it with their children together.

























The pair of parent and child were having fun using the interactive board



Apart from these daily activities, the centre is working on various educational programs, for example, the Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) program developed by the Federal Government, the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program and Intergenerational Program. Such information cannot really be obtained through an Open Day, but parents do show great interest to these details.























Educators were introducing the ELSA program to a parent



What’s more, parents and children got to spend time with each other through craft activities organised by our colleagues.

























Visiting parents and children were making handicrafts


Lastly, we would like to thank parents who participated in the Open Day!


Gumnut at Forum Early Learning Centre is located in St Leonards and opens on Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm.

Address: Mezzanine Level, Forum West, 205 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065

Tel: (02) 9439 3300   Email:

For more information, please visit our website


















The Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd, known commonly in the community as “CASS”, held its 37th AGM on 13 November 2018 at its Activity Hall in Campsie. Many members attended the meeting to show their enthusiastic support.


The Chairperson, Dr Bo Zhou, chaired the AGM. The Deputy Chairperson/Secretary, Mr Anthony Pang, reported on the work of CASS for the past year. He highlighted that at the invitation of CASS, a delegation of chefs from China visited Sydney in August 2017 to promote Chinese cooking and participate in a series of events which included a workshop for the delegation and local chefs to exchange views, the “Heart Warming Lunch” for seniors and “Bravo! Healthy Eating Fun Cooking Competition; an English book “At Home On New Land – A collection of migrants’ stories” was published and launched, with copies of the Book distributed widely throughout Australia; a motion was passed in the State Legislative Council to congratulate the initiative of CASS to foster mutual understanding through the publication of this Book; Mr Henry Pan OAM, Honorary Executive Director (HED) of CASS, was a recipient of the 2018 UNSW Alumni Award for his contribution in Social Impact and Public Policy, and subsequently, two Members of the State Parliament separately moved motions in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council respectively to congratulate Henry as well as acknowledging the longstanding community services provided by CASS to people of NSW.


Mr Pang further highlighted the following achievements in his report:

  • CASS Campsie Child Care Centre underwent Rating and Assessment against the National Quality Standard.

  • Planning work for the building of the second Residential Aged Care Facility in Asquith continued in earnest.

  • Actively expanding the service provision, including the extension of aged care services to the Korean and Vietnamese communities; and establishing new senior activity groups in areas such as Auburn, Gordon, and Epping, etc.

  • Continued to promote the services of CASS through the official WeChat subscription account to promote the different services and to provide the community with up-to-date information on the activities of CASS; also revamped the CASS website and set up a CASS Disability Services website and a combined website for its Children’s Services.

  • Successfully held a variety of information sessions, workshops and exhibitions for the community, with topics including health, personal and road safety, legal issues and welfare information, etc.


The Treasurer, Mr Sean Zhang, reported on the financial performance and operation of CASS. The total revenue for the year was over 19.7 million dollars, with all service units showing good financial performance and an increase in revenue. He thanked and acknowledged the hard work of the Honorary Executive Director, the volunteers and staff members for contributing to the continual success of the organisation. The Report of the Board of Directors, and the Financial Reports of CASS for the year 2017/2018 were unanimously passed by the members present at the meeting.


The election of members to the CASS Board of Directors was subsequently carried out. The Board of Directors for 2017/18 consists of the following:


CASS Group Board of Directors


Chairperson: Dr Bo Zhou (Overall Coordination & Community Relations)


Deputy Chairperson/Secretary: Mr Anthony Pang

(Corporate Compliance & Fundraising for New Projects and Development)


Vice Chairperson/Treasurer: Mr Sean Zhang

(Finance, Audit, Home Ageing & Disability Services)


Vice Chairperson: Ms Reinnie Jiao (Children’s Services)


Foundation Chairperson/Honorary Executive Director: Mr Henry Pan

(Daily Operations, Strategic Planning & Development, Risk Management)


Emeritus Chairperson: Dr Leng Tan (Residential Aged Care Services)




Mr Hartono Arifin (Volunteer Coordination)

Mr Tao Bai (Work Health & Safety)

Ms Louise Wu (Cultural Affairs)


Alternate Directors:


Dr Stephen Li (assisting in Home Ageing and Disability Services)

Mr Barry Guan (assisting in Vocational Training Services)

Mr Colin Chen (assisting in Activity Group affairs)

Dr Luan Thiam Ang (assisting in Secretarial affairs)

Mr Dong Li (assisting in Finance matters)

Mrs Winnie Fung (assisting in Volunteers affairs)


Council of Elders:



Mr Peng Bai

Mr Kui Sang Lim

Mr George Poon

Mr David Lo

Mr Philip Ang

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CASS Urges Generous Donations for Relieving Drought in NSW



































Witnessing the hardship of our farmers living under one of the worst droughts at present, CASS is appealing to people in the community to make generous monetary donation.


Days are passing without rain. In the state of NSW which contributes to a quarter of the nation’s agricultural output, crops are failing, dams are drying up, and our farmers are facing financial and emotional hardship. Under severe water shortage, some families even have to use foul-smelling dam water to make porridge and instant coffee, both passed their expiry date.


Our Aussie farmers are fighting, and you can also help to keep them staying strong!


CASS is urging the public to give immediate drought relief support by making generous donations to our bank account (CASS Care Ltd). The raised funds will be donated to Buy a Bale, a campaign under Rural Aid that is dedicated to helping rural communities that suffer due to natural disasters. No administrative fee is levied by CASS as every dollar is significant to help our farmers! All donations are tax deductible.


Donation methods:

  1. Donation can be made in person at CASS reception.

  2. Visit our website, and click ‘Donations’ under the menu ‘Get Involved’.

  3. Make a bank transfer or card payment to: CASS CARE Limited.

      BSB: 032 063      Account number: 212138

If you need a donation receipt, please email the name to be addressed on the receipt as well as the screenshot or confirmation email of your transaction to


Let us look out for our mates in harsh times. Your generosity changes lives – not only the lives of others, but yours too.


For more details, please call the hotline 9789 4587 (press ‘2’ for reception) or visit

The Launch of NEW Website of CASS Child Care Services

A NEW website for CASS Child Care Services is now available. You’re more than welcome to visit















CASS has 3 child care centres, which are located in Campsie, Hurstville and St Leonards, providing long day care services for children aged 0-5 years. Campsie Child Care Centre also provides Outside School Hours Care Service.

CASS Family Day Care provides professional child care and OSHC services for children aged 0-12 years in the homes of registered educators in over 30 suburbs (
















Visit to discover more of our childcare services.

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CASS Released New Book Shedding Light on Migrants’ Lives

Australia has a long history of multiculturalism and cultural diversity. The Chinese Australian Services Society, commonly known in the community by its brand name “CASS”, published a book “At Home On New Land – A collection of migrants’ stories”. The Book was launched on 29 June 2018 at the Lecture Theatre of Navitas English in Sydney.


There were about 70 people attending the launch, including the Chairperson of Multicultural NSW, Dr Hari Harinath, representing the NSW Minister for Multiculturalism, the Hon Ray Williams MP; Ms Jodi McKay, State Member for Strathfield; Ms Amy Xu, representing the Hon David Coleman MP, Member for Banks; the Hon Mr Philip Ruddock, Mayor of Hornsby Shire Council; and Councillor Heather Crichton, representing Mr John Faker, Mayor of Burwood Council. A number of CASS Board members were around to help hosting the occasion, including Dr Zhou, Mr Henry Pan OAM, Mr Anthony Pang, Mr Tao Bai and Mr Colin Chen.


Dr Bo Zhou, CASS Chairperson, says, “The Book contains 40 articles in English translated from respective Chinese articles CASS published over the past 8 years in the local Chinese media, presenting life stories about Chinese migrants settling and adapting into their new life in Australia, reflecting the joys and struggles they experienced.”

“The Book records the personal experiences and themes that are otherwise difficult for outsiders to imagine – leaving loved ones, mastering a new language, culture shock and intergenerational conflicts. It is not easy to juggle responsibilities when a person or even a family is uprooted.”


Dr Zhou and people in CASS believe that the sharing of these life stories with people of other communities will foster mutual understanding and acceptance amongst people of different backgrounds in our society, promoting community harmony and social cohesion.


Dr Zhou says, “The migrants make sincere efforts in serving others and blending into Australian culture despite adversity in adjusting to a new life, and CASS strives to make their lives easier in the process of integration.”


CASS is a long-standing community organisation providing a comprehensive range of social services and activities for people residing in Metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong. Services include residential aged care, home ageing, child care, disability, settlement and health, and many other services. Every week, over 2,600 families access services and activities provided by CASS, and it is also one of the few culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) organisations often making submissions to government inquiries on various welfare issues.


The Book is published with financial assistance from the Multicultural NSW, Westpac and other advertisers. Copies of the new Book will be distributed to libraries throughout the country. Enquiries about purchase of the book or services provided by CASS can be directed to the Reception of CASS on (02) 9789 4587 ext. 2, or emailing


Media enquiries are to be directed to Ms Maria Cheng, Chief Operations Manager, on 0406 535 308.

Henry Pan Presented With UNSW Alumni Award 2018

Recognising His Longstanding Voluntary Community Services Contributions

(News Release)















In the evening of 28 May 2018, at the historical building of UNSW – the Roundhouse, there was the holding of the grand Presentation Ceremony of the Alumni Award 2018. The Award Selection Committee chose from over 300,000 UNSW Alumni to present 11 winners with this year’s Award, including the Premier of NSW, Hon. Gladys Berejiklian, the wife of Prime Minister, Mrs Lucy Turnbull and the Foundation Chairperson and current Honorary Executive Director of CASS, Mr Henry Pan. Amongst the guests attending the Ceremony, there were the Chairperson of CASS, Dr Bo Zhou and his wife, the Chief Operations Manager of CASS, Ms Maria Cheng, and the daughter of Mr Henry Pan, Ms Yander Pan.


In the souvenir publication for the Award Presentation Ceremony, the description on Henry was:


“Henry grew up in his native Singapore and came to Australia to study Mechanical Engineering at UNSW in 1970. He graduated with B.E. (Hons. I) and a University Medal, then returned to Singapore serving compulsory national service before working in standards and industrial testing fields. He then moved back to Australia where, in 1978, he accepted a UNSW Teaching Fellowship, and later worked in the power industry. He has extensive professional experience in business and project management, system planning and development, power market operations and environmental management.

As a volunteer, he founded and developed CASS in 1981, a community services provider offering a wide range of services and activities for people residing in metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong coming from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

With Henry’s dedication and vision in the delivery, management, and promotion of community service, today more than 2,400 families engage with CASS each week, and its annual turnover exceeds $18 million. He has been the Executive Director of CASS since 2008 on a voluntary basis.

He has served on many Boards of statutory authorities and community organisations, and has also served as a non-judicial member of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal and an Australia Day Ambassador. He was conferred with an Order of Australia in 1997 and a Centenary Medal in 2001.”


After receiving the Award, while on stage, Henry gave a short speech and he accounted the drive for his longstanding volunteering to his gratefulness to the Australian community for giving him the opportunity to study at UNSW almost half a century ago. He said that since his graduation in 1974, he made a personal pledge that he would dedicate himself to serve the community voluntarily whenever and wherever he could as a way to repay his gratefulness. According to him, this feeling came from the teaching in the Chinese culture his parents taught him since he was a child. He remarked that volunteering was strongly encouraged in the Australian society and hence he had plenty of opportunities to volunteer.


Henry also mentioned that CASS had a good team of dedicated staff members and volunteers, and the collective efforts of members of the CASS Team over a long period of time have resulted in its achievement. He attributed his Award to be belonging to the CASS Team.


For more details about the event, please visit the UNSW link at:

With the ageing population, there is an increasing demand for aged care services. Clients are not just looking for services, but seeking services with quality. There are media reports from time to time on cases of non-compliance in aged care service or service providers not doing the right thing. These unwelcoming news have made clients and their families cautious and concerned, and government departments are eager to monitor the services to ensure compliance. There are also signs that prominent government officials would visit services that display excellent performance in order to encourage other services to follow their good examples. The Australian Aged Care Quality Assurance Team work quietly behind the scene and often carried out unannounced visits to the services.

I heard that the CASS Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) had been busy receiving visitors recently. In order to find out more details, I met up with a CASS colleague who told me, “The Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, Federal Minister for Aged Care, visited CASS on 1 November. He toured our RACF, visited the Hua An Senior Activity Group and our child care centre. He was impressed by the wide range of services provided by CASS, catering for the needs of children to the elderly. He commended the high quality services and the innovative ideas of our organisation, citing the case of building a residential aged care facility next to the childcare centre as an example of inter-generational initiative. He encouraged our team to continue our good efforts and provide high quality services to the community.”

“The next day after the Minister’s visit, there was an unannounced visit by a Compliance Officer of the Australian Aged Care Quality Assurance Team to our RACF.” The CASS colleague referred me to talk to the Facility Administration Manager of RACF, Ms Chung, for details of the visit.

Ms Chung met me with a bright smile, letting out positive news regarding the unannounced visit. She said, “The visit included observation, examination of records and random interviews with residents and staff members. After 8 long hours of examination, the Officer was very pleased with the service and gave positive feedback. Excellent performance was especially noted in the areas of complaint management and related documentation, and the management of challenging behaviours, etc. 4 staff members and 10 residents were randomly selected for interview by the Officer. According to the Officer, all the interviewees had provided positive feedback regarding the service.”

The CASS Board of Directors were excited about the visits. Hearing the positive feedback from the different visitors, our Chairperson Dr Bo Zhou was especially thrilled. He said, “The excellent performance is the result of concerted efforts by the management, staff members and volunteers. We will continue to work together to ensure that high quality services are provided for those in need in the community.”

Dr Zhou also shared his pensive thoughts: “Over the past year, CASS has been receiving anonymous letters raising unwarranted accusations against RACF and our Foundation Chairperson and Honorary Executive Director Mr Henry Pan. They fabricated stories to smear the operation of our facility and framed groundless accusations to discredit the reputation of Mr Pan. No matter what words are said, actions always reveal the truth. The anonymous letters have led to investigation by government department on our RACF. An unannounced visit was conducted in February, and the recent visit was the second one in the year. The truth has shown that our RACF can withstand the tests, with positive feedback received in every visit. Our service has increasingly earned the trust and respect of various government departments. The compliance officers shared the view that the anonymous letters were meaningless. Mr Pan continues to do what he has been doing for the past thirty odd years, working tirelessly for the community, contributing both his time, efforts and even money to our charitable causes. His integrity and selfless contribution has been acknowledged by the wide community, including the respect of Federal Ministers. Actions speak louder than words. The positive responses from the government and the community are best defences against the unruly attacks and baseless accusations.”

CASS will stay true to its mission and principles. We will work hard for continuous improvement. We are calmly prepared for any unexpected visitor anytime!

Welcoming Special Visitors With Open Arms
Visit by the Minister for Aged Care to CASS RACF and unannounced visit by the Quality Agency

CASS Charity Dinner 2017
Raising Funds To Build Its Second Residential Aged Care Facility

CASS Charity Dinner was held on 19 August 2017 at the Eight Restaurant to raise funds to build its second Residential Aged Care Facility. The event ‘Bravo! Healthy Eating, Fun Cooking Competition’ was also held during the Dinner. The evening was graced by the presence of many dignitaries. Guests included: Minister for Urban Infrastructure Hon. Paul Fletcher MP; Deputy Consul General of the PRC in Sydney Mr. Tong Xuejun, Consul Sun Yantao, Director of Guangzhou Chinese Affairs Office Mr. Feng Guangjun and the Deputy Division Chief Mr. Ouyang Fu; Federal MP of Opposition Ms. Anne Stanley, former Attorney General Hon. Philip Ruddock together with Mrs. Ruddock; and many community representatives including Chairperson of the Australian Council of Chinese Organisations (AUSCOCO) Mr. Tony Goh; President of CanRevive Inc. Mr. Eric Yeung; President of Chinese Youth League of Australia (CYL) Mr. Ching Tan; Representative of the Australian Chinese Culture Museum Mr. Dor Lun Hui; President of the Australian Chinese Restauranteur Association Mr. Aaron Mi; President of Sydney Dimsum Chefs Association Mr. David Zhang; Chairman of the Zilver Restaurant Group Mr. Henry Tang; Chairperson of B1 Developer Group Ms. Anne Bi; President of Australia Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association Inc. Mr. Jason Shi; President of the Australia Foshan Association Ms. Belinda Lee; President of Wuxi Chamber of Commerce Ms. Xiaoping Yang, representative from the culinary field Mrs. May Lee and representatives from the Australian Yau Kung Mun Association. Representatives from the CASS Board of Directors and Elders included Dr. Bo Zhou, Mr. Henry Pan, Dr. Leng Tan, Mr. Tony Pang, Mr. Sean Zhang, Mr. Tao Bai, Ms. Louise Wu, Mr. Hartono Arifin, Mr. George Poon, Mrs. Teresa Chu, Mr. Barry Guan, Mr. William Chen and Mr. Colin Chen. The charity event was also attended by representatives from sponsor Ettason Pty Ltd. Mr. G.X. Lam, and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kong.

In his welcoming speech, the Chairperson of CASS, Dr. Bo Zhou said, “It is no doubt a reality that the ageing population in Australia is growing. For elderly Chinese migrants who face language and cultural issues, finding a suitable aged care facility that meets their needs is becoming a difficult and often impossible task. CASS has always understood the need and began to build its first Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) in Campsie five years ago. With the generous support of the community, building works progressed smoothly and the Facility was completed and began operation in early 2015. Since its operation two and a half years ago, we have received positive feedback from government authorities and our service users. The quality service provided by our Facility is widely acknowledged and there is a long queue on our waiting list. To satisfy the growing demand, CASS has decided to build the second Residential Aged Care Facility.”


He then announced, “After careful thoughts and meticulous planning, we have already secured a number of adjoining properties in the suburb of Asquith north of Sydney. The area is peaceful and quiet with beautiful surrounds. With loans from the bank, CASS managed to purchase the properties, and is busily planning the building works. The proposed RACF will have no less than a hundred single rooms with ensuite. For this reason, we need to raise a large amount of funds in order to make the project possible.” Dr. Zhou also thanked the sponsors for the Charity Dinner. They include Ettason Pty Ltd., Westpac Healthcare, Privity Legal, Austcover, and AJS Computing Services.


In the respective speeches presented by the Minister for Urban Infrastructure Hon. Paul Fletcher MP, the Deputy Consul-General of the PRC in Sydney Mr. Tong Xuejun, and Ms. Anne Stanley MP, they all acknowledged the contribution made by CASS to the community over the years, and congratulated the organisation on building its second Residential Aged Care Facility.


The evening was opened by a spectacular lion dance performed by the Australian Yau Kung Mun Association, and followed by the intense competition among the finalists in the ‘Bravo! Healthy Eating, Fun Cooking Competition’, all eager to show off their culinary skills.

The Dinner was also interweaved by a series of auctions. Participants were eager to support the charity event and showed generosity in their bidding. The CASS Indonesian Activity Group members were particularly enthusiastic. They were successful in winning the auction of a piece of Suzhou embroidery donated by the Chinese Consulate General of the PRC in Sydney with $3,000. However, they donated the item for auction again, together with an additional donation of $2,000. The item was later auctioned to another participant for $3,200. There was a surprise item added to the auction: a scroll of calligraphy painting of the ‘Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya Sūtra’ (Heart Sutra) which was eventually sold to a keen bidder for $4,200. Apart from the auction, a lot of participants were also generous in their donations, including the Foundation Chairperson of the Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association (ACETCA) Dr. Gary Lam.


The evening reached its climax when winners of the cooking competition was announced. The winner was Dehua Qian, with Xuezhong Qiu as runner-up and Xiaoyong Cao as second runner up while Yanmei Huang received commendation. For the Torto Dessert Creation Competition, Lily Tsong was the winner, and commendation went to Zhu Fan Liu, Lynne Xu and Kuinian Jin.


The finale of the charity event was the lucky draw, with prizes donated by businesses. Participants were thrilled when they all received gift packs donated by the businesses. It was certainly a night filled with fun and excitement!

5 Guangzhou Celebrity Chefs Visiting Sydney For Culinary Skills Exchange With Local Chinese Chefs

With the aim of promoting culinary skills of Chinese cooking and Chinese cuisines, and facilitating the long-term development of Chinese cuisines, CASS has teamed up with the Australian Chinese Restauranteur Association, Sydney Dimsum Chefs Association and Ettason Pty Ltd. to organise a China-Australia Culinary Skills Exchange at The Eight Restaurant on 18 August 2017. The event was supported by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the PRC which commissioned 5 Celebrity Chefs from the ‘Chinese Cuisine Promotion Troupe’ to travel to Australia to attend the event. The five Celebrity Chefs included Zhicheng Li, Zhanfei Mai, Yihua Chen, Weiqiang Li and Guoguang Qin. Representing CASS in the event were Foundation Chairperson and Honorary Executive Director Henry Pan, Directors Louise Wu and George Poon. Attending the event also included President of the Australian Chinese Restauranteur Association Mr. Aaron Mi; President of Sydney Dimsum Chefs Association Mr. David Zhang and a number of its members; President of the NSW Chef Association Mr. Allen Lai and Vice President Mr. Chung Lee; representatives from the culinary field Mrs. May Lee and many chefs from reputable Chinese restaurants. Over 30 people attended the event.



After the welcoming speeches by Mr. Henry Pan, Mr. Aaron Mi, Mr. David Zhang and Mr. Zhicheng Li, exchanges on culinary skills among the participants began. The 5 Celebrity Chefs from Guangzhou had been busily preparing special dishes in the kitchen. They presented the artfully crafted dishes to the attendees, 2 dim sim dishes – ‘Smiling Laichi’ and ‘Yummy Fish Dumpling’, and 2 main courses – ‘Colourful Lobster’ and ‘Tasty Coral Trout’. The presentation was so spectacular that all those present could not help but take out their cameras to get snapshots of the breath-taking dishes!


Celebrity Chef Zhicheng Li shared his culinary experiences and revealed that the dishes were results of their experiments over the last few years. He believed that the restaurant industry needed to evolve and come up with new ideas in order to meet the changing needs of the new era. One of the dishes presented, ‘Smiling Laichi’, received Gold Medal in an international competition last year. The dish ‘Tasty Coral Trout’ is their newest creation and has just been added to the menu in Guangzhou and received enthusiastic response from diners.

Participants tasted the delicious dishes while they shared their culinary experiences. Two hours had gone by quickly and the event had to come to an end even though participants were still passionate in their exchanges!

Scrumptious Meal Prepared By Celebrity Chefs
Warming The Hearts Of The Seniors

A heartening event was held at the CASS Activity Hall on 19 August 2017 –‘Benevolent Lunch For Seniors’. The 5 Celebrity Chefs from the ‘Chinese Cuisine Promotion Troupe’ led by the Director of Guangzhou Chinese Affairs Office Mr. Feng Guangjun and the Deputy Division Chief Mr. Ouyang Fu prepared a scrumptious meal for 65 Chinese elderlies.


The 65 elderly participants were recruited from the Sydney Chinese community. As the number of applicants was overwhelming, the lucky ones were selected by drawing lots. While the entry requirement for participants was over 60 years old, the majority of the participants were in their 70s or 80s.


Representatives from the CASS Board of Directors attended the luncheon. They included Chairperson Dr. Bo Zhou, Foundation Chairperson/Honorary Executive Director Mr. Henry Pan, Vice Chairperson Mr. Sean Zhang, and Director Mr. Tao Bai. Also present at the event were representative from our sponsor Ettason Pty Ltd., Mr. Vincent Kong OAM, and community representatives Mr. Eric Chu and Mrs. May Lee.


In his welcoming speech, the Chairperson of CASS, Dr. Bo Zhou said, “The teachings of the Chinese philosopher, Mencius, ‘Be compassionate to your elders and extend this compassion to the elders of others’ has always been the philosophy of CASS services and our strength. While the Celebrity Chefs from China are visiting Sydney, we had the idea of a ‘Benevolent Lunch For Seniors’ so that the seniors can enjoy a scrumptious Chinese meal in Australia. The aim of the event is more than enjoying the delicious food. We hope that the seniors can feel the love and care of the community while at the same time satisfy their longing for their home country.”



In their respective speeches by the Director of Guangzhou Chinese Affairs Office and representative from Ettason Pty Ltd., they showed appreciation of the meaning behind the event and the organiser’s regard for the elders.


The five Celebrity Chefs included Zhicheng Li, Zhanfei Mai, Yihua Chen, Weiqiang Li and Guoguang Qin. They have been commissioned by the Guangzhou Chinese Affairs Office to come to Australia to promote cooking skills in Chinese cuisine. Witnessing the quality service that CASS provided for the elderly, they also wanted to contribute their efforts and do something for the Chinese seniors residing in Australia. They thus proposed to co-organise this heart-warming event utilising their talents.


The five chefs arrived early to start their preparation in the kitchen. They had carefully planned some yummy and healthy dishes for the elderly. Through their artful execution, dishes and desserts with wonderful names were plated. The dishes included ‘The rising sun and the perpetual moon’ (broccoli with fish fillet), ‘Houseful of children and grandchildren’ (sweet and sour pork with pineapple), ‘Winter scene at the lotus pond’ (stir-fry vegetables with snow peas, capsicums and corn) and dessert ‘sweet almond soup’.



The elderly participants were overjoyed by the dishes and many gave the thumbs up. They said the dishes prepared by the Celebrity Chefs were appealing to all their senses: beautiful in sight, aromatic to smell and yummy in taste. The sweet and sour pork was crunchy and succulent while the fish fillets were fresh and cooked to perfection. They were also pleased with the service. They were grateful they could still taste the authentic flavours of Chinese dishes when they were so far away from their homeland. They showed deep appreciation for the organisers for such a compassionate act and their care and concern for the seniors.


The ‘Benevolent Lunch For Seniors’ ended in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

It’s not disgrace, It’s dementia

In Australia, three in ten people over the age of 85 and almost one in ten people over 65 have dementia. The situation could be worse among the Chinese community, as for Chinese seniors and their carers, the language barrier is stopping them from accessing information and assistance.


In June 2016, our HAS and our RACS supported Alzheimer’s Australia in the production of the “It’s not disgrace, It’s dementia” DVD by organising our service clients and a GP to be interviewed, and providing support in the voice over. This was a project targeting carers of persons with dementia in the Chinese community.

It's Not a disgrace... It's dementia – Mandarin

Left: Stakeholders and directors from Alzheimer’s Australia, CASS as well as the community presenting at the press.


Right: Ms Michelle Basic from Alzheimer’s Australia and Dr. Leng Tan launching the DVD.

It's Not a disgrace... It's dementia – Mandarin on YouTube


CASS Care Limited has recently lodged a submission, 

click here to read more.


CASS Care Limited is a not-for-profit organisation. If you would like to make a donation, click here.



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