Tony Burke MP Visits Campsie Child Care Centre for the Rainwater Recycling System Funded by Stronger Communities Programme


Tony Burke MP visited Campsie Child Care Centre at 44-46 Sixth Avenue today. Children at the Centre welcome him to join them watering the garden using the rain water stored in the water tank installed with a grant he helped secured under the Stronger Communities Programme, enabling children to learn about environmental sustainability.

Children also enthusiastically showed Tony how the powerful teaching tools - Smart board, support their learning.

Staff mentioned to Tony about the Intergenerational program held monthly with the CASS Residential Aged Care Facility.  The program is having a positive impact on the children and senior residents. Families of the children are very supportive of the initiative.


Tony was pleased to know that the Centre has free Chinese language lessons, Woodwork, Piano, ELLA and Tomorrows Entrepreneurs programs for its children.

Tony Burke MP watering the garden together using rain water collected in the water tank with the children

Tony Burke MP with the children at Campsie Child Care Centre


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